Can You Build A Team That Tops This Nashville Predators Lineup?

This little game has been circulating around, so we thought we would apply it to the Preds.

Yesterday, The Ringer published an article asking people to try and build a team that could beat the now even more loaded Golden State Warriors but there was a catch, you could only spend $15.

The Predators have already been declared the NHL's version of the Warriors, so we decided to put our own little spin on this game.

Nobody knows what Nashville's top-line or top defensive pairing could look like this season and yes we know that the 'first-line' and the 'top pairing' doesn't start every contest, but for the sake of this game we'll go with the following lineup:

James Neal - Ryan Johansen - Filip Forsberg

Roman Josi - P.K. Subban

Pekka Rinne

On paper, that is without a doubt one of the top starting six in all of the NHL (assuming Pekka Rinne returns to "average").

Subban and Josi fall into the $5 category; Forsberg, Johansen and Neal all are worth $3 and Rinne is worth $2.

That's a total of $21. Let's see the best six-man team you'd put up against Nashville's top-five skaters and Rinne with a $21 cap. If you're feeling really confident, try to build a six-man group with a $20 cap. Let us have it in the comments section below.