Animated GIF: Winnipeg's Adam Pardy Loses His Helmet to Chicago Fan

The good folks at the NHL have provided us SB Nation NHL site managers with a subscription to NHL GameCenter Live this season, asking only in return that we share our thoughts on the product with you, our loyal readers (well, you disloyal ones can read on, too).

Besides the ability to watch almost any out-of-market NHL game on your laptop, tablet or phone, one nifty bit of magic you can leverage NHL GameCenter Live for is to capture those signature moments within a hockey game forever, through the magic of animated GIFs. While sitting here tonight wondering what I was going to say about GameCenter Live, one such moment popped out of nowhere....


Yup, that's a Chicago Blackhawks fan ripping the helmet off Winnipeg's Adam Pardy after he and Chicago's Brandon Bollig went into the corner hard, popping the plexiglass loose in the corner. Thanks to GameCenter Live, and a dash of GifCam, we can capture a brief moment of hockey madness in time and share it with our friends around the interwebs.

If you've never checked out GameCenter, the video controls are pretty awesome - you can zip around to any moment in a game (key plays are already indexed on the timeline for you), and while watching live you can have up to four games showing at once, allowing you to zoom in to specific games if something particularly interesting happens. For fantasy hockey managers, this can be EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE. There's also a huge catalog of old games available, from both this and previous seasons. It's like having the keys to the NHL's video vault.

Anyway, back to Chicago, where it looks like that fan was pretty proud of his work:

So there you have it, folks - not only is NHL GameCenter Live a great way to watch out-of-market hockey (seriously, I love watching games while on long road trips), but it also enables you to mine for and share those sensational moments that would otherwise never make a typical highlight reel.

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