Columbus Blue Jackets 1, Nashville Predators 0: The Preds are League Leaders Again! (in getting shut out)

After the Nashville Predators played a strong 1st period, they simply ran out of gas against the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight and wasted Pekka Rinne's strongest game since returning from his long absence, losing 1-0. A furious scramble in the final minute saw Mike Fisher ring a shot off the post and Colin Wilson misfire on a wide-open opportunity to tie the game, but they couldn't connect for the score.

Tonight's result ties Nashville with Edmonton, Calgary and Buffalo for being shut out the most often in the NHL (8 times).

A series of penalties played no small role in the Preds' stall, as they spent 10 minutes on the penalty kill, and although they didn't allow the Blue Jackets to score with the man advantage, it took away from Nashville's ability to roll the lines and keep the top forwards out there.

Tonight's game also wraps up the "critical" post-Olympic home stand with a 1-4-0 record. If anybody talks to you about playoff chances for this team, feel free to laugh (or cry). Next up, the team heads off to Ottawa for a Monday night game against the Senators.

Random Observations

  • I can't remember who right now, but somebody was selling the line recently that they didn't know if the Predators were better or worse off without David Legwand for the remainder of this season. What a load of hogwash. Leggy's no superstar but the Predators have nobody at his level ready to step in right now.
  • That's all I've got tonight, folks - not sure if I'm just in a pissy mood or what, but that was a rough game to watch. My giveadamn's on the fritz.

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