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Report: Scott Hartnell is back on the trade block

And he was nearly part of the Johansen for Jones trade. Which raises the question: does Scott Hartnell make sense right now?

What is the budget for the Preds this summer?

There are a couple of holes the team could stand to fill this summer. With a young roster that's going to be commanding more paydays in the very near future, what can the Preds afford to spend on free agents this year?

2016 NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread

Your place to discuss everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen as the trade deadline nears.

Ask The Staff: Trade Deadline, Drouin & Hartnell

Three questions. And that's all we needed. With all due to respect to Dale Weise and that silly rumor, we asked around our circle about some real ideas to make a real impact on our beloved local hockey team.

OTF Reacts to Johansen for Jones Trade

The fine members of OTF react to yesterday's gigantic trade news.

Preds have to address their center depth

...if they want to win anything.

2016 All Star Game: Who Makes Team Central?

The Central division may be one of the toughest in hockey, which will make selecting its All Star representatives all the more difficult.

Predators Performance: California Heavy

Your weekly decision of the best (or worst) players on the ice.

The Eye Test: Is There Already an Answer at Center

The question burning through the Nashville Predators broadcasts, airwaves, podcasts and message boards... perhaps there is a simpler answer.

Predators Performance: Healthy Competition

Your weekly decision of the best (or worst) players on the ice.

Martel's Musings: Game 8 - Nashville vs Pittsburgh

What do you get when you combine a surging team like the Predators and a team in Pittsburgh that can't find the back of the net? Why, a "golden" Saturday match-up, of course! NOTE: Kristopher Martel doesn't condone Nashville's yellow helmets

Martel's Musings: Start Strong & Where's Ribeiro?

In six games, we've seen some great things the Predators are capable of and a slew of the bad as well. Against a Ducks team that, by all rights, should be stomping their way across the league, can Nashville produce more positives than negatives?

Predators Performance: More Wins Than Losses

Your weekly decision of who played well and who didn't.

Troubling Trends: Undefeated, Yet Mediocre

How the Preds are currently playing won't help them as the season goes on, but they're still winning games right now.

Ask The Staff: SEASON PREVIEW [Part 3]

Asking questions. Receiving statements. Praising hot takes.

Ask The Staff: Season Preview [PART 2]

We're asking all them questions.

NHL Season Preview 2015-2016: Three Big Questions Facing the Nashville Predators

As seen on the SB Nation preview.

Ask The Staff: SEASON PREVIEW [Part 1]

We're asking all them questions.

OTF Predictions 2015-16

The entire OTF staff goes on record with their predictions of winners of the 2015-16 season.

Ask The Staff: Game Countdown and the Bottom Six

FRIDAY SOCIAL! We have some smart folks on our roster, but we have smart friends as well. And in this episode, we call on them to take part in this week's Ask The Staff.

OTF Q&A: The Leftovers

Backup goalie wars, retired numbers, offensive regression and more in the next installment of our Q&A.

Ask The Staff: Trading Shea Weber

FRIDAY SOCIAL! Our friend Josh Cooper wrote an opus for Puck Daddy stating some opinions that we've been going over in every comment section since last summer. We're using this opportunity to review his piece and spout off our own #HOTSPORTSTAEKS.

VOTE: Post-Expansion Realignment Plans

That's right, it's a full on blogger v. blogger BONANZA. And it's not even over Twitter. The Summer Nonsense rolls on.

The 2015-2016 Super Schedule

Every team. Every mile.

Let's Enjoy the Ride We're About to Take

Before the season, the playoffs might have seemed like an afterthought. Now, sights are set on a deep run. Embrace it.

Did Preds Ownership Block a Trade with Philly?

A current Flyer might be a current Predator were it not for the owners.

And on the Seventh Day...

Could a lack of rest really explain the hardships facing the Predators and their four game skid?

Rank the Preds Skaters: January Edition

This is a another rare opportunity to use democracy in the oligarchy that is On the Forecheck.

"Grow the Gold" Campaign Hurts More than Helps

Ticket policies aren't Nashville's problem; never having won a Stanley Cup is.

OTF in 2014: The Year in Review

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...but not necessarily in that order.

Rank the Preds Skaters: December Edition

This is a rare opportunity to use democracy in the oligarchy that is OnTheForecheck, plebeians.

Central Division Report

It's almost halfway through the season. Which teams (other than the Preds) are good in the Central Division? Which teams are bad? I don't know and neither do you. So read this article and educate yourself.