EA reveals Bridgestone Arena as it appears in NHL15

Ooh and Aah.

One of the selling gimmicks features of NHL 15 is the "Authentic Arenas" they are programming for each team. EA is completely revamping the look and feel of them, customizing each barn to try to be as close to the original as possible.

Earlier today, they tweeted out their version of Bridgestone Arena:

(You can click on the tweet to go to the original and get a better look.)

Even though most arenas look pretty similar from the inside, I have to say it's pretty cool. The Predator head makes an appearance, and they even have the Fan Zone. Though there are a few things out of place...

The arena has been repainting the walls on the 100 level the deep navy, as well as having the section numbers mirror the jersey number style. An irrelevant quibble, but what about the benches, EA?! The away team skating through the Predator head is just wrong. I guess the home team skates out of one side, sits on the opposite bench, then returns to the locker room on the other side? That's just wasted energy.

From this angle we also can't tell if Krazy Kyle makes his first video game appearance or not. Here's hoping!

What do you think?