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Enhance Your Experience


New Adidas Nashville Predators Uniforms to be Released June 20th

They’re really called “sweaters”, but you all do you.

Preds Get Fan Experience Right, Despite Snow

Other franchises are a little less forgiving.

UPDATE - 3/1: OTF Watch Party in Cool Springs!

Come hang out with us, talk hockey, and watch the Predators play the Kings.

OTF Visits The Lexus Lounge

[sings] Well we're movin' on up... to the Lexus Lounge.

OTF Community Guidelines: A Refresher

As summer draws to a close, we thought this would be a great time to revisit our community guidelines.

Help Wanted: Write for OTF!

Have a ton of hockey and Predators knowledge that is just dying to be released? We have a few positions available that you might be interested in.

Enhance Your Experience: Learn to Play Hockey

So you're an NHL fan, but you don't play? It's never too late to start...

Bring Your Kids to the Hockey Game

Bringing your kids along to an NHL game allows you to not only pass on the love of hockey to a new generation, but you end up re-discovering what it is that drew you to the game in the first place.

Enhancing your hockey experience: in-game online puck talk

One of the great innovations in hockey-watching in recent years is the explosion of mobile internet access, which allows the fan attending a game to access, well, pretty much the entire sum of human knowledge. That can be a daunting amount of information to sift thought, so how do you get to the important stuff, like hockey talk?