Falling, scoring shovel guy represents all of us in Nashville right now

The spirit animal to end all spirit animals.

As you look out beyond your window and see the falling snow adding to the treacherous ice already on the ground, you die a little inside. Sure, areas further north of Nashville get way worse than this all the time, but they are terrible places and you shouldn't live there.

Enter Falling, Scoring Shovel Guy, as he reminds us of our humanity. In a way, he is all of us. Any of us that have wandered (foolishly) outside this past week. Any of us that have been walking a dog that loves snow, but has no concept of ice. It is both depressing and amusing. Both reassuring and infuriating.

The good news is we are almost through this weather. One wet, cold weekend away from a little bit of sunshine, and above-freezing temperatures. For now, stay safely in your homes, pile on the blankets, peppermint vodka up your hot cocoa, and ride out the the rest of the storm.

S/t to Imgur user KingsKnight for the best GIF of all time.