Thursday's NHL Fan Fair Schedule of Events


Coming downtown for the NHL Fan Fair festivities tomorrow? Here's the definitive schedule (zoomable) of events for tomorrow

Watch: Filip Forsberg opens the scoring against Minnesota


Darcy Kuemper hasn't played in like, 500 years. He had no chance.

GIF: Forsberg's Awesome Shootout Move


#PrinceFilip only got one shot in the Discover NHL Shootout, but boy did he make it count.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!


Hawks fans are playing Black Out or Get Out, I see.

Watching the Preds in NC???


I'm in NC, and don't have center ice...what's the best/easiest way for me to watch the Preds? I'm going through Smashville withdrawals with only the Hurricanes broadcast here.

That Weber Wraparound


Just in case you forgot what it looked like.

Labor Day Weekend Thread


Many moons ago, the US government decided to give us a holiday for the sake of having a holiday. It was nestled between the Fourth of July (a holiday celebrated with booze and explosives) and Thanksgiving (which is celebrated with booze and gluttony and more booze because cleaning up after Thanksgiving is terrible). Naturally, Americans abuse this three day weekend with glee, thanks to college and professional sports which are used and abused as excused to daydrink. Labor Day is the last grasp of summer. We're almost there. So what are you folks doing? Cooking anything? Trying new brews? Traveling? Check in. (Yes, that's a timeline of my own barbecue pork shoulder.)