Filip Forsberg's ice bucket challenge is awesome, and so is he

<em>&quot;&quot;LET&#39;S GO&quot;</em>

Whether or not you're a fan of the theatrics involved in the "Ice Bucket Challenge" viral trend, there is no denying it is helping a great cause. The stunt has raised millions and millions of dollars for the ALS Association to help fund research for the illness most commonly known as Lou Gherig's disease.

The Predators have gotten in on the action as well. From the front office, all the way down to us lowly bloggers. Recently, James Neal and Shea Weber released videos of their challenges within a day of each other.

First time in years he didn't get an assist from Evgeni Malkin.

Calm down, you two! Save some excitement for the season.

Ryan Ellis continued the trend of narrowly missing a curious canine, but thankfully ended the Vertical Video Syndrome.

Then we have Filip Forsberg, who puts his teammates to shame:

A couple of things:

  • Forsberg talks so fast I thought he was actually speaking Swedish at first.
  • It's always raining in Scandinavia. Even if he isn't in Sweden right now, I still imagine a little raincloud following him around like Eeyore.
  • Lifting your own bucket is for peasants, not for 19-year-old NHL players.
  • Props to the dude (or dudess) on the bridge and their spectacular aim. Thanks for not putting big chunks of ice in the bucket that would have concussed our prospect.
  • Wait a second, how do we even KNOW that was ice water?/
It still wasn't as impressive as Paul Bissonnette's, but Mattias Ekholm still has a day to perfect his video. Might I recommend filling a trebuchet with water and launching it over Bridgestone Arena? Standing on a comically large "X" isn't required, but highly encouraged.