First to Fire, First to Hire: Reactions to Peter Laviolette at the Predators' Helm

OTF and the Hockey Twitterverse react to Peter Laviolette being named head coach of the Predators.

Earlier this afternoon, the Nashville Predators announced they had hired Peter Laviolette as the new head coach, four weeks after deciding not to bring back Barry Trotz. Nashville was the first team to announce they would be changing coaches in the offseason, and are now the first to officially welcome a new one aboard. Laviolette should bring with him a more offensive kick than the Preds have seen before, (though that isn't saying a whole lot) and was considered by many to be the front-runner for the job.

The reaction to many outside the Predsphere was obvious:

Others shed light on an important fact going forward:

If you listen closely, you can actually hear the eagles screeching freedom in the background. Seth Jones and Craig Smith shed patriotic tears of joy.

Yet, one aspect to consider is how the rest of the teams searching for coaches feel:

There have been a handful of head coaching positions open up in the last couple of weeks, making the market that much more competitive. It's encouraging to see the Nashville front office make the first move, instead of waiting to see what direction others are going. (UPDATE: Poile even said they sped up the hiring process because of this.) Moreover, it's even more encouraging to see one of the most sought-after coaches decide to come to Music City despite any opportunities he may (or may not) have had.

Now, the Predators have plenty of time before the NHL Draft and free agency to discuss how they're going to handle the system and vision going forward. That could mean swapping some part of the roster or relying more heavily on some of the younger players. The latter seems to already be on the forefront of Laviolette's mind:

That's got to be music to every Predators fan's ears. There are still many questions to be answered, and what will seem like an eternity before training camp and the new season starts. But it looks like the Predators have made a good choice, employing a proven winner to try and take the team somewhere it hasn't been before. Many were complaining during the season of managements apparent complacency with the team. The last month has proved they to chance for the better just as bad as the fans.

How do you feel about Peter Laviolette being hired as the new head coach?

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