Five Amazing Arvidsson Moments

It wasn’t an easy selection, but we’ve narrowed down some top moments from Arvi’s time in Nashville.

Yesteday the Nashville Predators announced the trade of forward Viktor Arvidsson to the L.A. Kings for a 2021 second round draft pick and a 2022 third round draft pick. While analysts evaluate the value of the trade and fans lament the loss of a Smashville favorite, we’ll take a look at the top five Arvidsson moments as a Predators.

Hat Trick versus Detroit 4/8/2021

This April drubbing of Detroit was the third career hat trick for Arvidsson, but perhaps the hatty that highlights his overall play the best of the three. Shortly after Detroit scored their first and only goal of the game early in the second period, Arvidsson exhibited his sneaky speed as he darted to the net and tapped in pass from Nick Cousins (and a bit of help from a Red Wing’s calf).

Half way through the third period, Arvidsson struck again. Goal number two was a picture perfect two on one with Rocco Grimaldi. Arvidsson streaks down the ice looking like it is going to be a pass all the way, but takes the shot from the circle ripping the puck past a rooted Bernier.

The hat trick goal of the game came on a rare penalty shot. This goal showcased both Arvidsson’s puck handling (which had been at times shaky this season) and his sniper backhand.

Between the Legs Shot versus St. Louis 12/30/2016

When you picture viktor Arvidsson scoring it is often on a breakaway where his speed is showcased. This breakaway, between the legs puck handling, and finish are <chef’s kiss> Arvidsson.

Arvi Energy in the Finals versus Pittsburgh 6/5/2017

Arivdsson will forever be remembered as a key member of the Stanley Cup Finals team from 2016-2017.  With all out effort to start this play by James Neal and Mike Fisher, Arvidsson’s amazing finish on a “give it all you got” breakaway is classic Arvi hustle. The Arvi energy after the goal is now one of the most poular Arvidsson memes. If it doesn’t get you fired up to take on the world (and the Penguins), nothing will.

Overtime Winner versus San Jose 5/9/2016

Stop me if you’ve heard this before...Viktor Arvidsson wins the game on a breakaway. This game winner came in overtime against the San Jose Sharks in the 2016 playoffs and forced San Jose to a Game 7.

A streaking Arvi on a breakaway at Bridgestone is magic. Pure magic.

Franchise Single Season Goal Record versus Chicago 4/6/2019

This power play goal by Arvidsson was momentous as it gave #33 the Predators’ franchise record for most goals in a single season. The quick shot from the circle is an Arvi specialty that he struggled at times to find this season, but watching this back it is clear he has had some serious mojo from the circle in the past.

Honorable Mentions

I know we said five, but really - how can we summarize Arvidsson’s career in just five clips? Here are a few more worth remembering with Arvi in gold.

That pass though...

And who will ever forget this magical Arvidsson moment?

Arvidsson has meant so much to this franchise and the community, and it isn’t easy to see him go. Best of luck in L.A. Arvidsson family - thank you for the memories!