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Frame By Frame Analysis

Film Study: How Nashville took advantage of matchups in transition to beat Alex Nedeljkovic twice in overtime

Mistakes by Carolina skaters created an opening, so Matt Duchene and Luke Kunin used the smart play of the Canes’ netminder against him

Frame-by-Frame: The Subtle Art of Not Giving Up a Puck

The super fun result of rushing the puck without turning it over (AKA The Roman Josi)!

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Gambling on the PK

How NOT to defend a 6-on-3 in the final minutes of the game

Frame-by-Frame: Crosby Picks Cherries

Breaking down one of the many breakaways from the last two games

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Series Stopping Puck Watching

I’m baaaack!

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Tic-Tac-Toe!

Move the puck, freeze the D, score the goal.

FxFA: 'Twas the Week Before Christmas

Breaking down a goal against with rhyming and holiday cheer.

Frame-by-Frame: How NOT to Change on the Fly

Want to make your teammates and coaches really mad? Why not make a really terrible line change that leads to an odd man rush and a goal against?

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Good Power Play :)

How to score on the power play!

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Bad Power Play :(

How not to score on the power play!

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: EXTRA MAN!

Heel by day, Hero by night - James Neal is Extra Man.

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Playing Defense is Hard

Even the best fall flat sometimes. Shea Weber's attempt to defend Alexander Steen doesn't go quite as planned and here's exactly why defending can be so difficult. (Also, puck luck can suck.)

Frame by Frame Analysis: Prince Filip & His Skate

Remember how casually Filip Forsberg deflected the puck into the net against Toronto? Today we get up close and personal with that goal and reflect on Filip's impressive hockey skills.

We've Got a Biter!

Looks like another proud graduate of the Alex Burrows School of Hockey. Stay classy, Winnipeg. (H/T to OTF reader Cisar for sending this over!)

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: The Goose is on the Loose

Leave the Goose alone and who knows what he might do...

Frame by Frame Analysis: Derek Roy is Good

There are plenty of goals where the secondary assist doesn't mean all that much, and then there are goals where the secondary assist means pretty much everything. Thanks to Derek Roy, this is one of those goals.

CSI: Idiot Referee Edition

The Preds rookies had a goal waved off last night, and we don't like it.

Featured Fanshot

Ekblad gets nailed behind his own net.

The first-overall pick in 2014 got a rude welcome to Nashville in the first period of the rookie game.

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: A Combination of Errors

A subtle extension of the leg at just the right moment made a world of difference when the Predators faced off against the Ducks Thursday night.

Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Heads Up, Gabby!

See how a decision made early in a rush led to a dangerous scoring chance and goal against the Predators during Thursday's game at Boston.

Frame-By-Frame Analysis: 2 Late Goals from LA Game

Two late goals wrote the story of Saturday night's Nashville Predators victory over Los Angeles, but breaking down the details reveals just how they came to pass.

Predators Goal Analysis: Vancouver and Detroit

Caroline is back with more detailed analysis of goals from recent games.

Preds Goal Analyses: Against Minnesota & Chicago

Caroline is back with more of her signature analysis of recent Nashville Predators goals.

Weekly Goal Analysis: Kings, Sharks, and Blues

We have two unexpected things for this week's review: (1) Having so many Predators goals to choose from and (2) another Brandon Yip goal.

Analysis: Breaking Down 3 Key Goals

A closer look at a few of the goals scored by and against the Predators over the past couple of weeks.

Into the Film Room: Joel Ward's game winning goal against Minnesota

Breaking down, frame by frame, Joel Ward's game winning goal against the Minnesota Wild.

Into the Film Room: David Legwand's 1st period goal against Detroit

take a break for a moment from the Mike Fisher madness, and let's have a look at David Legwand's goal from the big win over Detroit.

Into the Film Room: Sergei Kostitsyn's 2nd period goal against Detroit

I'll admit, it's nice to be able to write one of these features after the Predators have won a game. In a loss, I usually choose to go with a defensive breakdown or some such to fit the mood. Tonight, though, is quite the opposite. Last night against Detroit, Sergei Kostitsyn gave us a shorthanded marker that exceeded even Colin Wilson's highlight reel goal against the Avalanche.

Into the Film Room: Cory Sarich's 3rd period goal against Nashville

Frame-by-frame analysis of Cory Sarich's 3rd period goal against the Nashville Predators.

Into the Film Room: Rick Nash's 2nd period goal against Nashville

Very often, an odd man rush is not the fault of a bad play by a defenseman, but a missed assignment from a forward. We break down Rick Nash's goal against the Nashville Predators from November 22d.

Into the Film Room: Shane O'Brien's 2nd period goal against Chicago

Breaking down Shane O'Brien's 2nd period goal against the Chicago Blackhawks, with frame-by-frame analysis.

Into the Film Room: Cal O'Reilly's 2nd period goal against St. Louis

The Nashville Predators finally broke their losing streak last night. Contained here is a frame by frame breakdown of Cal O'Reilly's 3rd goal of the year.