Friday's Dump and Chase: Jean-Sebastien Giguere Retires

The NHL’s last active Hartford Whaler, goaltender Jean-Sebastien “Jiggy” Giguere, has retired after 18 NHL seasons. Giguere played in 597 games and had a career save percentage of .913, earned a Conn Smythe Trophy in the 2003 with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, and a Stanley Cup with the completely di

Anyone remember this game?

Nashville Predators News

Shea Weber not really surprising anyone |
Putting a hole in the boards with a slapshot is pretty amazing. But if I told you, "an NHL player put a hole in the boards with a slapshot and his name is not Zdeno Chara." I think we know who you'd guess.

Hockey Rules Program Brings Sport to Students | Nashville Predators
Another cool thing the Predators support that promotes hockey and wellness in the community.

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Jean-Sebastien Giguere says "au revoir" to his playing career -
In 22 GP last season, Giguere was a very capable back-up with .913 save percentage on 608 shots against. He ended his career with grace. I hope Brodeur is reading because he really should Get Jiggy with It.

Chrome All-Star jerseys? | Puck Daddy
This year's All-Star jerseys may have already leaked. The chrome game jersey looks perfect and embodies the spirit of the All-Star game because it sucks.

The San Jose Sharks have lost their minds |
Adam Gretz isn't the first to compare the Sharks strange offseason to a psychological break from reality. No matter how you feel about the Sharks, you have to agree, strange things are afoot at the S.J.

Fact or Fiction: Alex Ovechkin will lead the league in goals in 2014-15 | Puck Drunk Love

Fiction. #Grit

Connor McDavid dreams all day about Buffalo | Puck Daddy

The assumed #1 pick in the 2015 draft has wondered about a life in Buffalo. He's thought about everything from dingy strip malls to Cheesecake Factory locations.

Leiweke will leave MLSE in June 2015 |
Leiweke may not see the cup parade he prematurely planned as he will be leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs in June 2015. Unless, of course, the Leafs win it this- hahahahahahahaha

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