Friday's Dump and Chase: Have a Safe Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day represents the last real weekend of summer and it's up to you to enjoy it as much as possible. Labor Day weekend also means hockey gets a little closer and drinking makes that go by faster too. If you plan on drinking and boating, make sure you have a designated boat driver unlike SOME

Nashville Predators News

Predators' top brass offers advice to Titans: Win | Nashville Business Journal
David Poile says winning and spending is key to driving revenue. Yes, THAT David Poile.

2011 draft class looking bleak as Balisy signs with St. Johns | Section 303
A reminder that prospects are never a sure thing. Keep that in mind while rosterbating to ideas you have for next year.

Around the Wide Wide World of the NHL

Is Colorado’s rise a fair example of what might happen in Buffalo? | ProHockeyTalk
The first move Buffalo will make will be similar to what Colorado did - get rid of Chris Stewart.

Eberle is picky about shooting the puck | Edmonton Journal
Great analysis of scoring chances and shots using Jordan Eberle and comparing him amongst his teammates.

Alfredsson 'only wants to play if he feels he can contribute' | theScore
To me this reads, "Alfredsson only wants to play if we guarantee him lots of ice-time otherwise he also wants to play in Sweden."

Bettman taking it slow with NHL expansion |
Chris Johnston breaks down the NHL's mind-set when it comes to expansion. Then, more 'done deal' confirmations started coming out. It's not an NHL business deal unless total confusion is involved.

Does hockey need ‘warning track’ | Puck Daddy
I'm all for ways of decreasing player injury but there are a number of questions I have about this idea.

Ex-NHLer Poeschek faces assault charge | ProHockeyTalk
Whenever I read an article like this, I always check the career penalty minutes first. When they are comically higher compared to points my face melts and I gasp because I'm SO surprised.