Friday's Dump & Chase: Intermission Entertainment

The Predators have widely been lauded for their live bands during intermissions, who vary from crappy cover bands to student groups to actual celebrities, but of course Vegas has to go bigger.

Golden Knights, Cirque Du Soleil Enter Partnership | Golden Knights
So this is happening.

Leafs' Nylander sets franchise rookie record with 10-game point streak -
I'm looking to see how much vote splitting happens in the Calder voting.

Ristolainen suspended three games for hit that concussed Guentzel (Updated) | ProHockeyTalk
That's too many games.

First place has added meaning for Capitals, Penguins, Blue Jackets | USA Today
I'm not sure who I want to win the division. I'd like Columbus to have no banners, and for the Caps to go out no later than the second round.

A pronunciation guide for hockey's spellbinding young stars and their hard-to-spell surnames | ESPN
Since Nino Niederreiter has to look at this ID to spell his own name right, I don't feel bad about misspelling some names.

On cutting edge of custom skates, is Ovechkin a trendsetter? | The News Tribune
Does anyone else wear colored laces? If not, no.

NHL's Parity is Unique | The Hockey Writers
I like the salary cap, but I think it needs to somehow be disengaged from hockey related revenue. The flat cap is really hurting salaries across the board, not just teams like Chicago.

NHL asked for decision on Olympics by end of April |
I'd watch both the NHL and the NHL-less Olympics, but imagine how awful the ratings for the league would be during that stretch.

Maple Leafs Kill Five-Minute Penalty For Seven Minutes Because Of An Obscure Rule | Deadspin
Is it an obscure rule? Do I just have a really warped view of what's common knowledge? I can also make meringue.

Remembering the NHL’s most brutally epic brawl 20 years later | For The Win
I'm kind of okay not hating other teams like this anymore.

Panthers' Ekblad out with neck injury |
It's allegedly not related to his concussion, but I don't have a lot of faith in how the Panthers are handling Ekblad's injuries.