Friday's Dump & Chase: MIA

I was out of town yesterday, and so were the Preds apparently. Someone remind them when and where the next game is.

Fleury awaits word on whether his loyalty is returned in Game 4 -
This article is completely ridiculous. Murray was only healthy enough to back up until this series, and whoever starts in net tonight won't be because of their own play, but rather what Sullivan thinks the team will do in front of them.

‘Boring’ or not, the Senators are sticking with their style | ProHockeyTalk
It is boring, Guy Boucher is terrible, and hockey is going to be unwatchable next year if they win the Cup.

Finland knocks out Team USA in quarterfinals of world championships | USA Today
Man, too bad they didn't have a player who was really dynamic offensively and had maybe won a scoring title recently.

What's wrong with Sidney Crosby? | ESPN
He has no one to help on transition and his wingers are injured and replaced by AHL guys. Next question.

Want more kids playing hockey? Stop making it so exclusive | The Hockey News
"In Canada, if you’re not playing AAA hockey by the time you’re 10 and getting off-ice instruction and playing in the off-season, you’re at risk of being left behind."

Dead Letter: Special Hockey Edition | Deadspin

Canada to meet Russia in world semis after close win over Germany -
Congrats to Canada, who just managed to squeak past the mighty Germans.

Please point and laugh at this list of the NHL’s 20 greatest all-time teams - Broad Street Hockey
I hadn't seen this list before, but it is indeed worth pointing and laughing at.

Edmonton Oilers insiders hint Kris Russell will be signed but that likely means no Jordan Eberle | Edmonton Journal
I don't hate Kris Russell, but almost anything is going to be an overpayment, and moving Eberle to solely to pay for him is a mistake.

Former Coyotes winger Steve Sullivan named Roadrunners GM | Roadrunners |
Hey, congrats!

Nill open to trading third overall pick in draft |
I'm really looking forward to seeing how Nill manages to screw this up.