Friday’s Dump & Chase: Actual hockey is being played and that means there is actual hockey news

Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits, we have things to talk about!

Nashville Predators News

BONUS: 2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Anthony Richard | On the Forecheck
If you can read French, you won't need Eric's summary. If you can't, you probably need to read the article.

[Ed.: Nah, you need Eric’s article regardless of whether or not you can read French.]

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Colton Sissons | On the Forecheck
If you're like me, you appreciate a defensively responsible forward. If you aren't like me, then you should probably still appreciate Colton Sissons.

Granlund Excited for Fresh Start, New Opportunity in Nashville
I really appreciate Mikael Granlund's honesty in his self-reflection in this article. I also love that his nickname is "Granny". I hereby recommend that each time he scores (which should be much more often this season) game-ops plays "Boomin' Granny" by the Beastie Boys.

Around Hockey

Chabot signs eight-year, $64 million extension with Senators
This was the big news of the day yesterday. This signing has a lot of Roman Josi contract discussion going among the fanbase. What do you think a Josi extension looks like?

Defending champion Blues surrounded by tough teams in West | ProHockeyTalk
This article says the Nashville Predators seem overlooked...I'm not convinced this is a new thing.

NBC Sports NHL Player Survey: 2019-20 sleeper team | ProHockeyTalk
The right way to do this is to make your own guess and then see who agrees with you. Post your results below!

Point, Lightning 'a ways apart' on contract, agent says
It's starting to feel like teams are going to end up having a really hard time having more than one high-paid player on the roster. I'm not a big fan of missing training camp, but these guys deserve to be paid fairly for putting their bodies on the line.

Laine apologizes to Jets linemate Little for comments
Patrik Laine seems like a pretty solid guy. Misinterpreting intent via a translated interview happens all the time. Glad they talked. If only Winnipeg could do something about Hellebuyck.

31 Thoughts: Byfuglien decision will have major ripple effect |
You always hope everything is okay in a situation like this. Byfuglien is an incredible competitor and seems like the kind of guy that won't play if he can't play to his full potential.