Friday's Dump & Chase: Blackout

That could describe a lot of things. My difficultly of watching the game last night, my rage blackouts at basically everything during the game, the liquor blackouts happening on my twitter timeline. It was a bad time. Best to just black out and forget it.

Around Hockey

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Gretzky gave his opinion, which may seem contradictory to earlier opinions.

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"The funny thing is that the Oilers already had a pretty good defensive pairing." Yes, a single defensive pairing. One member of which is on IR for the forseeable future. It turns out you need six NHL caliber defensemen.

Where will the Canadiens get their scoring? -- TSN
Just pass the puck to Weber, I guess.

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The Blackhawks have been one of the healthiest teams in the league over the past several years. That may not be the case anymore.

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This list could be better.

Clock is ticking on NHL’s involvement in 2018 Winter Olympic Games | USA Today
It seems to me that the biggest issue are the owners not wanting to risk their assets or miss out on money.

Alexander Radulov, Once a Disrupter, Grows Into a Leader for the Canadiens - The New York Times
"I always wanted to come back." How about not having left?

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Ah yes, the non-traditional hockey market of--New York?

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CC: the US Men's National Team.