Friday’s Dump & Chase: Confidence

There’s a serious case of overconfidence going around this offseason...good thing no one in Nashville is giving interviews this summer.

Nashville Predators News

Ranking the NHL's top 5 defensive pairings |
The frustrating thing about a lot of these Top (insert number and position) in the NHL articles is that no Predators ever really show up...NOT THIS TIME, BABY!

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Matt Donovan | On the Forecheck
I'm a big Squatch fan. Eric takes a look at how he did in gold this year (although the sample size was small) to see if we will see him again soon.

Around Hockey

Expected Goals Model with Pre-Shot Movement, Part 1: The Model | Hockey Graphs
So, how do Expected Goals change when examining what happens before the shot? The calculator jockeys will drool over this multi-part series by Alex Novet.

Report: Kevin Hayes signed with Flyers because they overpaid
But how much are they really overpaying him? What would have been the right contract?

43 Swedish National Team players to sit out of upcoming training camp, upcoming tournament | The Ice Garden
There's a lot going on in the world of women's hockey. As the father of a daughter that plays hockey, I'm glad these women are taking a stand for the future.

Maple Leafs' William Nylander ready to 'dominate' after whirlwind year |
Well, Nylander seems to be confident.

Ekblad calls Panthers 'team to beat' after offseason moves: report
Go ahead and put Aaron Ekblad in the "very confident" category with William Nylander.

Robin Lehner: Mental health is 'not being discussed in a way it needs to be' |
Incredible to see a successful, professional athlete using his voice to help normalize something that has been stigmatized for as long as I can remember.

The perils of paying players into their 30s |
You'd think GMs would have learned by now.

Report: Joe Thornton will re-sign with San Jose Sharks in 'near future' |
Oh, good...