Friday’s Dump & Chase: Dead Horse

Dog swim lessons, hub cities, and Ian Cole’s hot take.

Nashville Predators News

Different Scenarios Aside, Johansen Simply Hopes for Summer NHL Return
Yes, the bachelor pad at Johansen Manor has one more occupant in Lucas Johansen, but who's getting the most out of the pool? The answer may surprise you.

Tinordi Looks Back Fondly on OHL Championship, Memorial Cup Experiences
Here at On The Forecheck, we know the content you crave. And that content is Jarred Tinordi looking back on his time in the OHL. Some other (and I do mean other) Predators make an appearance in his memories, and there's even a picture of Tinordi with some sick flow. Enjoy at your own risk.

Around Hockey

Hockey Is Not for Everyone | By Akim Aliu
This is an incredible article and I'm honestly surprised more people aren't talking about it.

Greatest Moments of NHL Season … So Far: third round, matchup 4
I won't stand for this anti-Forsberg at your own peril.

Cole says Avalanche 'can beat any team … in a seven-game series': report
I'm not sure, but I think he means they can beat any team at least one time in a seven-game series.

Asterisk, schmasterisk: a brief history of bizarre Stanley Cup playoff formats - TheHockeyNews
Of course, this doesn't include the season where they took "sudden-death" overtime a little too seriously in the playoffs.

The OHL's most outstanding player is 2020 draft prospect Marco Rossi | TheHockeyNews
If you know any NHL teams that seem to love undersized forwards, let them know about Marco Rossi.

NHL hopeful extended border closure won't impact return to play timelines |
With a lot of players quarantining in their native countries, this could be an unexpected roadblock to getting back to hockey.

Edmonton including lifestyle presentation in hub city pitch |
Nashville would win if it were based off of famous musicians.