Friday's Dump & Chase: Ducks, Kings Close Out Conference Semifinals Tonight

Tonight&#39;s the night! <strike>All</strike> <strike>Most</strike> Some small portion of Southern California is on pins and needles awaiting the outcome...who do think will take it? Let&#39;s not forget Team USA takes on Kazakhstan today (<a href=""><strong>liv

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Kevin Klein on playoff thrill ride with Rangers-The Tennessean

I'm sure we're all rooting for him.

U.S. Men's National Team Loses to Latvia, 6-5, at IIHF Men's World Championship | USA Hockey

Seth Jones AND Craig Smith scored. How did Latvia become so dominant, so quickly? Oh.

Trotz to Vancouver? The thumbs aren’t exactly going up | The Province

So you're saying there's a chance!

Mike Liambas Signs New Admirals Contract | Admirals Roundtable

He set the franchise record for penalty minutes last year! Next season, he's looking to become the only guy to take off his skate and stab somebody with it.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Lucic’s antics an insult to ‘Boston Strong’-The Montreal Gazette

The problem here, and it has been from the beginning, is tying up UNIVERSAL support for the city of Boston in the wake of the bombing at the marathon last year with ANY Boston sports team, and especially with Boston Sports Fan. Totally separate things.

Why I Believe That Joe Thornton And/Or Patrick Marleau Will Be Former Sharks By September – Mercury News

Let's go shopping...

L.A.-based real estate tycoon wants to bring NHL to Seattle | ProHockeyTalk


Penguins don't have much wiggle room - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

They're looking for #Depth and #Grit...I think we've finally found a trading partner!

Habs' bandwagon still not full | CBC Sports

CC: "Blackhawks Fans" if "your team" gets eliminated in the conference final.

NHL suspends Sabres' Konopka for 20 games -

Twenty games for an over-the-counter substance? Would love an explanation on that one.

Opposing Team Terrified After Seeing Home Fans All Wearing Same Color T-Shirt | The Onion

Is there anything more intimidating in the world of sports than a sea of people wearing the same free t-shirt?