Friday's Dump & Chase: Edmonton

The Oilers relocated the Wayne Gretzky statue from Rexall Place to Rogers Place Thursday, and there were a lot of opinions about it. Should the statue be where he played? Should it follow wherever the Oilers play? Maybe we should sneak in and replace it with that statue of Jack Daniels from Bridgest

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Can I have some of that Kool-Aid?

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Some interesting data about shot distance, although the title reminds me that he'll never be able to go to West Edmonton Mall without getting followed around like a mother duck.

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That's a lot of faith this won't just be a one-off cash grab.

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He wants to build Vegas like he did Washington. They should fire him before he trades away elite prospects, though.

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They're right on schedule.

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May this be the last Boston sees of the Cup for a long while.

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[VIDEO] Seguin and McDavid do not have futures in baseball.

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Has there been a Korean-born NHL player yet?

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There are four games left at this exhibition tournament if you have NHL Network and would like to watch.

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