Friday’s Dump & Chase: Get Ready

Hockey is inching closer and details continue emerging. Also, a certain former head coach has sold his home in town.

Nashville Predators News

Why Predators Fans Should Want: John-Jason Peterka | On the Forecheck
If you've been following OTF for awhile, you know how incredible Eric is at knowing prospects. However, this article is NOT by Eric, it's by Eamon. Now, Eamon may be a little new to the crew, but he KNOWS HIS STUFF! Check out his article on John-Jason Peterka and how he would fit into the Gold Fold in Nashville.

Former Predators coach Peter Laviolette sells Brentwood home for $1.5M | Brentwood HomePage |
Really sad I let this one slip through my fingers. This is an absolutely beautiful home...and I could never afford to move out of the OTF House Basement.

Around Hockey

Ruff hired by Devils as coach, replaces Nasreddine
The New Jersey Devils ended all potential Peter Laviolette speculation when they named Lindy Ruff as their new Head Coach.

Devils hire Ruff: The good and bad news | ProHockeyTalk | NBC Sports
If you want a little more in-depth look at P.K. Subban's new head coach, this article gives a little insight. And, if you're new to hockey since the Cup run, a little history.

Ovechkin store offering signature masks, 'We Will Skate Again' shirts
Alex Ovechkin should really consider a mask that has the lower half of his face printed on it.

Which five teams will a flat salary cap hurt the most in 2020-21? | TheHockeyNews
With news that the salary cap is going to remain the same, a wrench has been thrown into the plans of some teams that were counting on that figure to increase. Take a look at who gets hit the hardest.

Why NHL's return to play will take incredible stamina — from fans |
I re-read this article just for the introduction.

Insider Trading: Ratification of RTP, CBA extension could be announced Friday |
A little Insider Trading never did anyone wrong.