Friday’s Dump & Chase: Goin’ to Edmonton

The Predators will be headed to Edmonton on Sunday, along with a lot of other teams. Between now and then, there’s a lot happening and a lot of happening links in this edition of the Dump & Chase.

Nashville Predators News

Season in Review: Nashville Predators Prospect Tomáš Vomáčka (G) | On the Forecheck
I think Eric is the reason On The Forecheck is the first and last place you need to go for information on prospects in the Predators organization. I spoke with John Hynes yesterday about how he felt about the organizational depth and he spoke very highly of the guys in training camp. I hope to see Tomáš Vomáčka at a prospect development camp in the future.

Nashville Predators Practice Report: Scrimmage | On the Forecheck
This is a recap I wrote of the Predators intra-squad scrimmage from Wednesday. The report on Thursday's scrimmage should be available soon. However, there are some pretty sweet videos in here if you haven't already seen them.

The OTF Staff Predicts: The 2020 NHL Postseason | On the Forecheck
I didn't get my picks in, but I can go ahead and tell you that everyone who managed to get them in did a much better job than I would. My strategy for things like this is less than scientific and solely based on which team has the best Flow/60.

Preds Gaining Confidence from Scrimmages as Training Camp Nears End
A little more insight on the scrimmage from Wednesday. The full presser with Kyle Turris is included in this article, so if you were curious what a media scrum looks like in the times of COVID-19, this is a chance to see it.

Around Hockey

Seattle Kraken reveal nickname for NHL expansion team
I, for one, welcome the Seattle Kraken to the NHL. I love everything about the name, the logos, and the jerseys. I also love Seattle as a city. "Why don't you just move to Seattle?" you might ask. Well, my best friend lives in Seattle and is switching his allegiance from his old city's team (the Chicago Blackhawks) to the Kraken. He immediately told me "The Predators just became prey." So, now, I feel like the team must be punished for his smack talk. Also, it will be nice to have a friendly rivalry with someone who doesn't have Patrick Kane on their team.

Training Camp Buzz: Hamilton misses Hurricanes practice
Some key players were missing from a few teams, but those reasons will remain undisclosed. However, I suppose it's a good thing the Predators didn't appear on this list.

Toews confident in Blackhawks backups in Qualifiers if Crawford's out
It would be quite interesting to see a backup goalie that hasn't started a game for their team start in net in a playoff situation. The Chicago Blackhawks are just the team I'd like to see try it, too. Plus, that means we would see at least one Subban, Malcolm Subban, in the playoffs this season.

NBC Stanley Cup Qualifiers schedule TV for 2020 Return to Play
Here's all the information you'll need on game times and channels.

NHL Training Camp News: Ouellet, Bitetto talk COVID-19 experiences
Anthony Bitetto (Uncle Tony) contracted COVID-19. Can you guess which hotspot city he contracted it in?

NHL gags teams on injury disclosure for player privacy
If anyone was still wondering why there are no reasons being given for players missing from camp, here's your answer.

NHL Qualifying Round Preview: Outlier stats that will matter in each series |
FUN WITH STATS! This is a great article that looks at some of the statistical mismatches that may play a role in the upcoming play-in round.

Pittsburgh Penguins' Sidney Crosby unfit to play in team scrimmage |
It doesn't appear that this is long-term, but I can only imagine the impact his absence would have on the upcoming series with Montreal.