Friday's Dump & Chase: Growing the Game

All around the league, teams are putting together programs and working with communities to get kids to start playing hockey. Tampa is shoring up the high school hockey league in Florida, and St. Louis is dedicated to building new ice facilities by 2017. In unrelated news, congratulations to the Webe

Nashville News & Notes

Salomaki Happy to Deliver Timely Hits, Scoring for Preds | Nashville Predators

The Finnish Bull can stay for as long as he likes, and Hodgson agrees with me.

#AHLOTB: Kamenev sets sights squarely on NHL | The American Hockey League
Nothing but praise for Vladislav Kamenev.

Nobody’s got a better blue line than Nashville | ProHockeyTalk
It's sad that even though Nashville was a pioneer in releasing salary information, no one seems to remember how much money Weber's getting paid.

Pekka Rinne finds focus in facing fewer shots | The Tennessean
How does Rinne stay focused in games where they only give up 10 shots versus 40?

Around the Wide World of Hockey

When it's about attendance and not competitiveness (or costs) in the sport of hockey | Raw Charge
The hockey world's ideas about attendance are a little warped.

NHL Power Rankings: Haikus for all 30 teams |
I'm not a fan of power rankings, but their pale imitation of Jim Diamond deserves a click.

NWHL’s First All-Star Weekend Features Skills and Stars | NWHL
The NWHL has released its first annual All Star information. The winning team will receive a portion of the event's proceeds to split amongst themselves.

Stars’ attack proving balanced and relentless | TSN
The Stars' offense seems unstoppable, but they've had one of the easiest schedules thusfar.

NHL reportedly will add regular season bye weeks for each team beginning in 2016 |
The NHL schedule is brutal, but a bye week?

Andrei Markov is on pace for a career-best year, and the coaching staff deserves some credit | Eyes On The Prize
Markov's production this season can be attributed to a better distribution of his time on ice, but giving Therrien credit for anything makes me twitch.

Rumblings: Cory Schneider playing key role in streamlining goalie equipment | ESPN
There are a lot more committees in the NHL than I ever expected.

Facing more shots in an NHL game is better for goaltenders: Unmasked |
More goalies around the league weigh in on preferring to see more shots versus fewer. College boy Cam Talbot also calculates his save percentage while stopping 3-on-1s.

Bolts bring publicity to high school hockey by running league | Bay News 9

If I could skate backwards, maybe one day I too could play hockey on the same ice as NHL stars and these high school students.

Blues aim to grow hockey programs for kids |

The Blues are also in on the action, with their largest initiative ever to defray the costs of youth hockey and build a new facility.