Friday’s Dump & Chase: It’s Been A Long Time

Since I’ve seen your smiling face...

Hockey News

Billionaire Alex Meruelo takes ownership of Coyotes |
If you had billions of dollars and you couldn't buy the Nashville Predators, which team (any sport) would you buy?

Meruelo made sure Kessel came to Coyotes
Upon this rock, I shall build my empire.

Shattenkirk has contract bought out by Rangers
If you like injuries, Kevin Shattenkirk is on the market again.

The top five destinations for Kevin Shattenkirk after Rangers buyout | TheHockeyNews
Who's going to take him? I think the Winnipeg Jets make the most sense.

LTIR a lingering issue in CBA negotiations |
I find this fascinating. If you want more information about how LTIR impacts a team's salary cap and how that could all change soon, check this out. If you don't already understand it, it should help you understand why some teams trade for players that will never play.

Flames' Lucic says he put too much pressure on himself with Oilers |
Yes, it was the pressure.

Stanley Cup long shots that could shock everybody in 2019-20 |
I'm surprised to see some of these teams being considered to have even the slightest of "shots" at wining the Stanley Cup next season, but there's one on here that I, if I were a betting man, might be willing to throw a few bucks down on just in case. (Hint: They acquired P.K. Subban.)

Ducks likely to ask for too much from Getzlaf — again | ProHockeyTalk
Like, you know, asking him to play hockey for a season.

Roundtable: Best, worst offseasons; favorite free agent signings | ProHockeyTalk
Hmmmm, who had the best offseason?