Friday’s Dump & Chase: It’s only May

The playoffs continue without the Predators and I haven’t chosen a back up team...yet, NWHL players make a bold move, and some KHL guys could be moving to the NHL.

Nashville Predators News

Measuring Up the Sandpaper: A Preliminary Look at “Grit,” “Toughness,” and the Nashville Predators | On the Forecheck
We hear about "grit" all the time. Kate is at the beginning of a quest to find out what exactly that means, what it brings to the team, and who our grittiest player is. Chime in on her article to let her know what you think!

Breakdown: Nashville signs forward Mathieu Olivier to a two-year, entry-level contract | On the Forecheck
If you're like me, you saw the tweet about Mathieu Olivier signing a two-year deal and had no clue who he was. Eric, once again, continues to show you why OTF has the absolute BEST prospect coverage on the internet.

A Modest Trade Proposal (A Satire) | On the Forecheck
With all of the nonsense trade articles being written in sincerity, I thought I would mock the terrible offers for P.K. Subban with some terrible offers of my own.

Around Hockey

Women's hockey stars to boycott pro leagues
This is an incredibly bold move. Do you think it will work out? What is the final answer?

Hockey Hall of Famer Red Kelly passes away at age 91 |
When I was growing up, my Dad had a pyramid on his bedside table due to the ancient power of pyramids. Now, I have the pyramid. Of course, it isn't next to my bed, but I keep it around just in case. I think Red Kelly would approve.

Auston Matthews undergoes procedure to remove surgical hardware |
What I'm hearing is that some old screws from his leg surgery are causing his back to hurt and they hope removing the screws will ease that back pain. Ridiculous to think about the toll sports take on a body. What's your worst sports-related injury?

Blueprint for how to fix Oilers begins with rebuilding blue line |
Edmonton needs defenders...Nashville will probably deal one...Edmonton has scoring forwards... Let the hot takes begin (but no terrible articles for me!).

Five players having great playoff runs after shaky regular seasons | TheHockeyNews
Which Predator was going to break out in the playoffs? Craig Smith was playing inspired...I guess we'll never know.

From Russia, with goals: Five KHL players who could sign with NHL teams soon | TheHockeyNews
This Sergei Andronov character sounds like a pretty interesting player. Interested in any of these guys?

Blue Jackets' cannon fires up Columbus crowd at Nationwide Arena | NBC Sports
I WANNA HEAR THE CANNON! Seriously, Tim McGraw is cool and all, but Nashville needs something like this. I can't see the feasibility of releasing a jungle cat in Bridgestone and there's plenty of cougars on pedal taverns, but "woo-ing" and singing along to "Livin' on a Prayer" won't really do much for me. Any ideas?