Friday’s Dump & Chase: Never Tell Me The Odds

Tonight’s the draft lottery. Well, part one of the lottery... of two parts... well, maybe just one part... Look, I don’t know either

Nashville Predators News and Notes

Season in Review: Niclas Westerholm | On The Forecheck
Eric, OTF’s resident prospects guru, takes an in-depth look at the 22-year-old’s first year as a full-time starting goalie.  Could we see him in Milwaukee next season?  I’m not telling.  Click the link, you cheater.

Quarantine Mailbag: Volume 1—Kevin Fiala’s Hot Hand, Josi’s Power Play Impact, and Fil’s Glorious Mustache | On The Forecheck
You asked Bryan your Preds questions, and Bryan hath answered. I’m still convinced this entire segment was an excuse to fondly reminisce about Alexei Emelin.

Smithson Proud of Role in First OT Victory, Series Win in Preds History |
Jerred Smithson will forever be one of my all-time sneaky favorite Predators of all time, and this goal is a big reason why.

The NHL Draft Lottery’s Tonight

2020 NHL Draft Lottery primer: Details, odds, top prospects | NBC Sports
Ahh yes, actual hockey things tonight!

Tonight is “Phase One” of the Draft Lottery. The process this year is convoluted to say the least, but if you’re not caught up, here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

  • Tonight’s lottery will include the seven teams who didn’t make the expanded postseason, and eight vacant spots labeled “Team A” through “Team H.”
  • If all three lottery picks are teams who missed the playoffs, the draft lottery is over, and we all move on with our lives.
  • However, if any of those “Team A, B, C,” spots are picked in the lottery, then the NHL will hold a SECOND draft lottery at a later date.  This will involve all the teams who lose in the play-in round of the expanded postseason.  All teams will have equal odds to earn the vacant spot that was drawn in tonight’s lottery. /

So in theory, there’s a chance the Preds could wind up with the #1 pick.  But it would involve a whole lotta luck. know...losing in the first round of the playoffs.


Here’s where Detroit Red Wings landed after 100 simulations of 2020 NHL draft lottery | Detroit Free Press
The Red Wings have a 20% chance of landing the top pick tonight, but as the simulation from their hometown paper shows, there’s even better odds they’re out of the top three altogether.

2020 NHL Draft Lottery Primer: Senators have a chance to win big | Sportsnet
The Senators have a real chance to end tomorrow as the most exciting young team in the NHL...assuming their owner doesn’t blow it.

Other Hockey Happenings

The NHL has moved on from Vancouver as a hub city...for now | Nucks Misconduct
I’ll let this tweet sum up my thoughts...

Artemiy Panarin Posts Statement Regarding Return to Play, Escrow, and Hub Cities | Blueshirt Banter
As the Bread Man points out, concerns over COVID-19 may not be the only issue that hinders the NHL’s return to play.

NHL Seattle expansion team to play at Climate Pledge Arena |
Okay, so....

I don’t hate this.

I think my first instinct was to laugh at the name, and I think we can all agree that’s a PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE instinct.  But once I read up on some of the new sustainability features at Seattle’s new arena, I’m actually sort of jealous, and I hope more teams follow suit.  Also, the idea to provide free public transportation to anyone with a game ticket is an A+ innovation.

Still... Climate Pledge Arena.

Let Alexander Mogilny in the Hockey Hall of Fame! Snubs that deserve to be inducted |
Longtime Preds fans may notice a familiar name on Wyshynski’s list.

Also, how in the world is Rod Brind’Amour NOT in the Hall of Fame yet?

Ayres win for Hurricanes voted Greatest Moment of Season … So Far |
Pekka Rinne’s goal was the other finalist in this vote, and...yeahhhh the voters probably got this right.  There will never be anything more hilarious than the Maple Leafs losing to a 42-year-old zamboni driver.

That being said, we should still enjoy this moment on repeat today.

Source: NWHL teams to have multiple jerseys in 2020-2021 | The Ice Garden
Fantastic news for anyone who loves sports jerseys. The NWHL has some straight up dimes when it comes to logo/uniform designs, and I can’t wait to see the new looks these teams come up with.

Stay safe, and have a great weekend, Preds fans!