Friday’s Dump & Chase: No Contest for Handsomeness

Too bad there’s no contest for handsomeness at the All-Star Game; it’s a good thing for everyone else, because Roman Josi would win it hands down.

All-Star Game News

Who do NHL stars admire in other sports? We asked the All-Stars - TheHockeyNews
Count Roman Josi among the many that admire Roger Federer.

NHL All-Star Game 2020: Rosters, schedule, TV channel, stream, jerseys
All your All-Star Game information is in this link.

Matthews plans to play for Maple Leafs after All-Star Weekend
Auston Matthews has a wrist condition. More specifically, he has two wrists. He really comes off like a guy who doesn't want to play in the All-Star Game.

NHL All-Star Skills 3-on-3 event to showcase women's game
You aren't getting much Roman Josi time during the skills competition, but this event alone should make for must-watch television. I watched the NWHL All-Star Game in Nashville and saw up close and in person the incredible skill level involved. With a huge national audience watching, you are going to see a great show.

NHL All-Star Skills participants announced
If there's one thing the NHL knows, it's how to put on a captivating and riveting All-Star Event. A quick scan of the participants list in each competition show me that Roman Josi, the lone representative from the Nashville Predators, will be competing in NONE of the competitions.

That's right, you're tuning in to the see a bunch of millionaires compete in contests many of them would prefer to skip in order to head to Turks and Caicos for a few days and the Department of Player Safety(!) gets to choose who competes in them. Of course, the DOPS is known for quality decision-making, so it makes perfect sense that Josi will be reduced to participating as a shooter in the Save Streak competition. Seems like just another way the NHL and the DOPS can enrage an entire fan base.

Nashville Predators News

Three Trade Deadline Options the Nashville Predators Should Explore - On the Forecheck
Rachel goes places not many fans would like to go. How emotionally invested are you in some of the players on this team? If your answer is, "I would willingly die for one of them", then you may want to check your emotions at the door.

But really, those who might say SELL have already given up on this group's chances at a deep Stanley Cup run. There's one particular UFA that I, personally, would have a hard time losing. Of course, it's merely for sentimental reasons, and I'd have to be a realist about his future prospects with the team. Do I view him as the sacrifice that brings a brighter future? What if he gets traded to a team that wins the Stanley Cup?

People who say BUY need to take a look at the cupboard that's just barely starting to be replenished with talent like Egor Afanasyev and Philip Tomasino and realize what the cost could be if the prize is another first round exit.

People who say DO NOTHING might want to heed what happened last time a particular General Manager decided to hold pat on the team he had in the locker room.

Either way you slice it, the best solution is for this team to step up and start playing the way we know they should be able to do.

NHL Power Rankings: Pressing Questions Edition -
You don't have to get too far past the Predators spot before the trade deadline questions get really ugly.

Preds All-Star Josi Continues to Impress Former Teammates Weber, Jones
Tons of praise are heaped on Roman Josi by Shea Weber and Seth Jones. It's one thing for casual fans to recognize his talent, but for his peers to speak so highly of him, you know we're dealing with an exceptional talent.

Around Hockey

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I like the way a few of these look. I wonder if the Calder predictions from the beginning of the year are holding up?

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Can't say I disagree with this assessment. It's unfortunate, and I hate it, but it's spot on.