Friday’s Dump & Chase: No More Wake-Up Calls

After the Predators switched coaches, the team’s continued uninspired play is causing many to question the root of the problem.

Before I get to the links, let me be the first to say I was among the many that called for a coaching change. And, like a spoiled child on Christmas morning, I got what I wanted. Now, with John Hynes at the helm (and what is clearly a new system in place) the Predators are continuing the same uninspired play and place during games that leads to results like they got last night...a loss to the worst team in the Western Conference.

Now, with the Preds sitting one spot ahead of Minnesota (and one spot behind Chicago) in the Central Division, with the trade deadline looming, we come to the frightening realization that a team full of players who continuously call each shocking new loss a “wake-up call” may get an actual wake-up call in the form of being sold to teams that are willing to take on some bloated contracts that have failed to yield the kind of results that justify increased season ticket prices in this, the Year of the Fan.

Nashville Predators News

#ThrowbackThursday: That Time a Snowstorm Sparked an Improbable Playoff Push - On the Forecheck
Nick has written an excellent piece that tells the story of the legendary streak of Pekka Rinne's immediate predecessor and how Rinne ascended to the throne thereafter.

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The Predators revert back to their old mistakes in a ho-hum loss to the struggling Ducks. If you didn't watch the game, save yourself, save your eyes. Read this instead.

Around Hockey

New Jersey Devils - Washington Capitals - January 16th, 2020 |
The Washington Capitals dispatched one of the worst teams in the league like one of the best teams in the league should. Alex Ovechkin is an incredible talent and a motivational fixture on the bench, I hope he never leaves. (except for maybe a vacation when they play the Predators)

Tampa Bay Lightning - Minnesota Wild - January 16th, 2020 |
Well, the Minnesota Wild won last night. That means the Predators are exactly one point ahead of them. Oh, sure, "games in hand", right? Well, you have to win the games in hand if you want that to mean anything.

Dougie Hamilton injury: Hurricanes defenseman injures leg
Dougie Hamilton is having an incredible, Norris-caliber season for the Carolina Hurricanes. This leg injury looks nasty and could have a significant impact on his season. For his sake, I hope it just looks bad.

Why the Elite Women’s 3-on-3 has the makings of an NHL all-star weekend show-stealer - TheHockeyNews
I. Can't. Wait.

With firing of Gallant, turns out Vegas can be as predictable and unimaginative as everyone else - TheHockeyNews
I guess getting an immediate taste of overwhelming success makes the sudden taste of mediocrity that much more bitter. Seattle, look upon this move and heed the warnings.

Vegas Golden Knights: Key to home record is goaltending, Fleury - Knights On Ice
Goaltending has been a major issue for a lot of teams this season. Although this article is from right before Gerard Gallant's firing, the writing was on the wall.

Per Elliotte Friedman, the Ducks are willing to take on bad contracts for assets - Anaheim Calling
The Ducks have a desire to weaponize their cap space. Who seems like a likely candidate for a salary dump...and what do you give up?