Friday’s Dump & Chase: No Punch Lines

One of the bright spots for me this summer is the non-return of Cody McLeod won’t be back.

Nashville Predators News

Road to Y2K: Grading the Nashville Predators’ 1999 offseason | On the Forecheck
1999, I was in college and the Predators were coming into their first offseason. Nick takes a look at how their moves panned out.

Nashville Predators Lineup Tool: Build Your Starting Lineup! | On the Forecheck
This already awesome tool has been tweaked a bit since the initial release. Come check out the incredible work by @projpatsummitt and set your ideal lineup.

Around Hockey

Francis named general manager of Seattle NHL expansion team
The NHL is really standing beside their pledge to "go green" and recycle GMs and Head Coaches.

Super 16: Lightning top offseason rankings
The Predators fare pretty well on this list to have done what they did with P.K. Subban. I am aware that Matt Duchene is a good player, but I think there's a fair amount of smoke and mirrors going on.

Ovechkin to serve as NHL ambassador to China
Personally, I think Alex Ovechkin is an incredible ambassador for the NHL. I really hope there's going to be some kind of television series that follows him around China and translates any and all interactions.

Marner says he'd skip Maple Leafs camp without contract
It almost seems like this is an annual tradition for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

How does an NHLer make the decision to leave for Europe? | TheHockeyNews
This is a very interesting look into a predicament NHL players can find themselves in. I know I'd follow the money...if I could skate without crying.

The top five sophomores poised for big breakout seasons | TheHockeyNews
I guess Dante Fabbro isn't considered a sophomore, because I'd add him to the list.

Mailbag: Should the NHL have an NBA-style summer league?
I sure would love some summer hockey.