Friday’s Dump & Chase: Scream Into The Void

The Predators pick up another bad loss, which puts the players front-and-center in trade chit-chat around the league

Nashville Predators News n’ Notes

Recap: Nashville Predators 2, Red Wings 5: No Saving Grace | On the Forecheck
If you missed any of last night's game, catch up on the recap and scream into the void with us in the comments section

The Nashville Predators should not trade Filip Forsberg—here’s why | On the Forecheck
And as the losses pile up, the "firesale" talk is going to ramp up. As Eamon point out, the Preds absolutely shouldn't WANT to make Filip Forsberg available, but it's all going to come down to his contract status. He's an unrestricted free agent after next season, and if the Preds are rebuilding -- or stuck in a rut like this year -- you can't exactly fault him for wanting to test the market and sign with a contender. If there's any whisper Forsberg may be non-committal to a new deal, it may be in Poile's best interest to see what prize he can get for his star forward.

What are the NHL expectations of David Farrance? | On the Forecheck
Our prospects guru, Eric, thinks Farrance can be a star on the Predators' blueline. But when can we expect that to happen?

Milwaukee Admirals Musings: Wolves Stay Undefeated | On the Forecheck
The Preds are spiraling into nothingness. But as Eric and Rachel point out, things are looking brighter for the Baby Preds.

Speaking of the Baby Preds, the Milwaukee Admirals posted a pretty interesting sit-down interview with coach Karl Taylor.

The Admirals, of course, aren’t playing in this year’s AHL season, and the Preds prospects are playing for the Chicago Wolves. That leaves Taylor in more of an advisory role this year.

Other Hockey Happenings

How Bobby Ryan's off-season training with Allie LaCombe revitalized his game | EP Rinkside
Turns out, Bobby Ryan's strong comeback season has roots right here in Franklin, Tennessee.

Mattias Ekholm makes perfect sense for the Flyers | Broad Street Hockey
As we said, trade talk surrounding the Preds is ramping up. Over on our Flyers sister site, an article by... *checks byline*... some nerd explores why Eks may be a good fit in Philly.

Tom Wilson delivers latest controversial hit, this one on Mark Jankowski | NBC Sports
How in God’s green Earth was this only a two-minute penalty?

P.K. Subban Is Struggling In All Facets of the Game for the Devils | All About The Jersey

Report: Agent steps in after Buffalo Sabres' Jeff Skinner healthy scratch for third straight game |
I bet Taylor Hall is having the time of his life in Upstate New York right now.

Henrik Lundqvist 'months' away from deciding hockey-playing future | Sportsnet
It was awesome to see King Henrik back on the ice this week, and I'd absolutely love for him to have one more run before he retires on his terms. But health and family come first.

Minnesota, New Hampshire PWHPA hubs announce team names | The Ice Garden
The Secret Dream Gap Tour starts this weekend!

Soundtrack for the Day

I randomly found this Coolio cover while browsing for background music at work, and now I want to run through every wall I see. If you need a good pump-up for the weekend, give it a listen. Just steer clear of your know...for the running through them-ness.