Friday’s Dump & Chase: You Ain’t The First

With no hockey on the ice and a holiday weekend coming up, the links were few and far between, but there’s information on the CBA and the two hub cities for playoffs.

Nashville Predators News

The Alexis Lafreniere Sweepstakes: The Nope List | On the Forecheck
With the chance to draft Alexis Lafreniere up for grabs, it only seems fitting there would be some, uh, emotions about it. And, while obviously the best-worst-best case scenario puts him in Nashville, he could wind up in a lot of places. Rachel K takes a look at some of the possibilities and reacts accordingly. Where would you least like to see him land?

A Ranking of Which Teams Most Deserve Alexis Lafreniere | Blueshirt Banter
Adam Herman, who works over at Blueshirt Banter, took a look at where Alexis Lafreniere SHOULD land...and let me tell you, the results are shocking! And he's right.

Around Hockey

SBNation NHL Reacts: Gary Bettman Is...Popular? | On the Forecheck
Did you vote in this poll? From the booing I hear when Gary Bettman is around, I'm surprised at the results.

Super 16: Top defensemen playing in Stanley Cup Qualifiers
Yeah, it's a nice placement for Roman Josi, but I had initially thought they were only listing one defender per team until I noticed Colton Parayko as a second entry for the St. Louis Blues. I'm not sure how Ryan Ellis doesn't make an appearance on this list, much less on ANYONE's ballot.

Crosby among small group of greatest in NHL history, Orr says: report
Presented without comment.

Lindblom of Flyers completes cancer treatments
Just go ahead and give Oskar Lindblom the Masterton Trophy.

Edmonton and Toronto are your NHL hub cities (probably) | TheHockeyNews
Well, I would normally make some kind of snarky comment about both cities being in Canada, but I figure if they had it in the United States, the chances for everyone contracting COVID-19 would be pretty strong.

Players will hate the new CBA, but it's probably the best they can get | TheHockeyNews
If you wanted to know about the new CBA, here's your article.

Edmonton will host Stanley Cup Final, conference finals |
Of course, only one city can host the Stanley Cup Finals. It looks like it's going to be Edmonton.

Toronto mayor John Tory: NHL has 'incredibly detailed' plan for hubs |
If you wanted to know what it will actually take to be a hub city, this article fills you in.