Game 2 Afternoon Update: Fisher Out, Franson In. Chicago Still Awful.

Here's a quick roundup of the events of this morning as we await Game 2...

Practice Updates:

This could be #NotGood.

Going to be hard to stop that 3rd line. Too Much Man if I've ever seen it.

"In Soviet Russia, Franson replace you!"

Somehow, puck drops even later than you thought. At least tomorrow is Saturday.

It's better to be able to criticize by name, IMO.

The Importance of Game 2:

Uh, yeah. Agree.

Be ready for the 1st and 3rd too, plz.

The greatest commissioner in pro sports. Welcome, Gary!

Today in Chicago Media:

Good grief. You're allowed to wear the red, Mark. Assuming you don't pour any beer over the rails or punch any cops you should be just fine. If anybody has video of Mr. Lazerus cheering the anthem in the press box, send it along. We'll give it a good home.

Ok, this one is technically from yesterday. You got me.

Corey Crawford Update: