Game 2 Practice Update: The Ins, the Outs, and a Few What-Have-Yous

WAKE UP! It's time to start thinking about Game 2.

Ok, let's back up a sec...

"Steal"? This is wrong. You can't steal something that was already yours to begin with. Game 2? It's ours too. So let's EXPECT to come home with it.

See? Ryan just Gets It, folks. This isn't a group of try-hards built to hope for 1-0 wins like in some previous years. All the haters and losers that picked the Ducks are going to be so embarrassed when the Preds win this series.

That 4th line wasn't ideal, though. Was it just me, or did it seem like Cody Bass played like half the shifts last night? It would be great if, you know, some of the more skilled players (meaning not Nystrom) who sat out last night played tomorrow instead. No offense to anyone personally. Will we see some changes?

Dammit. Oh well...let's check in on the Ducks.

Ducks starting in a hole has a familiar ring to it - LA Times

What would also be great is if they could finish in a hole. And also just live there forever and ever.

The Ducks are just overflowing with details here. About the only thing we (sort of) know over there is...

Which the Ducks (kind of) confirm here...

Bieksa is 'Eligible' for Game 2 if Manson (Head and Upper Body) is Out - Anaheim Ducks

Optional/maintenance day for a bunch of their forwards, too.

I did not actually listen to this because I have a massive headache due to unknown reasons and I don't really want to hear about how Fil should be suspended for the series for his "head shot". Even though I can't be positive that's what they're asking for because I didn't listen.

We're in for another late night tomorrow, but remember: