Game 3 Practice Update: Guess Who's (Probably) Out Again?

He's out, he's in, he's out again...he's Craig Smith. He missed morning skate again today, so we'll just have to see if he can tape himself together for this one. Playing every other day (and flying cross-country in between!) can't be helping, but the Preds and Craig are runn

Is it minor? I can't tell anymore. I feel like it should be minor but in reality it's been kind of a big deal.

Coach thinks we could've won either game in San Jose, that Mattias Ekholm is awesome, and that the Preds need to win a game because those are important this time of year. I agree with basically all of this.

See Coach's comments above. Would be great if he could come through tonight too.

He's got 3 goals in the two games so I hope the Preds are watching him. We'll see...

The Sharks want to limit turnovers and be "harder". DeBoer also promises they won't coast tonight.

We talking city-wide, or just on the two teams or what? To be continued...