Game 4 Practice Update: Craig Smith Likely Out

The bozos in orange dropped the hammer on your dreams of a sweep, but the Preds are still in the driver's seat. Going up 3-1 tomorrow would be HUGE, but it looks like it will have to happen without Craig Smith.

Wasn't Shea Weber listed as day-to-day in the playoffs last year? Just sayin'.

A tiny part of me wants to scream FIALA TIME!!! but the rest of me is pretty sure he'd come unglued and get into all sorts of nonsense with Perry and the boys.

Preds Seek to Fill Craig Smith's Void - Nashville Predators

So he's day-to-day but if there's a "void" I'm guessing tomorrow won't be a day he plays.

Ok, Pekka. I trust you to keep your word.

We don't really like to acknowledge the existence of other podcasts except for The Predcast presented by On the Forecheck and Lionzone Internet Marketing but Fil is the guest so whatever.

Let's take a look at what's going on with the stupid Ducks...

Yeah, not shocking. Now...can the Preds actually make him work?

How important is Game 4?

I checked this out and it's actually true.