Game 7 Practice Update: Ready to Rumble

It's Game 7, folks. If you ask me, this is the most important game of the season. Might as well win it.

Good. Loose is very good. If they were tight, though, I doubt we'd hear about it. Let's see what the players have to say...

Please don't take this as a critique of the question or the answer, but good grief is this boring as hell. Nobody in their right mind would say "we don't have the confidence" or "I'm not sure we have what it takes" BEFORE the game. I think I've completely burned out on the Sports Quote. It's probably just a me thing, something I have to work through.

HOLY $%#!

Ok, now THIS is solid. Best quote of the series. I'm back on board.

So the Preds should try to get really close to the net BEFORE they try to put it in. I agree with this strategy.

Probably the only real lineup change we're gonna see tonight.

He's got an actually kind of weak six points in the six games in the series and is apparently terrible in the Nerd Stats.

No, this Sharks team isn't different and they are 100% not ready to finish off the Preds. #Analysis.

We've got a couple of hours to figure out a way to make Brent Burns oversleep and miss the game. Brainstorming starts NOW.