GAME RECAP: Predators 1, Lightning 0

Since it's a preseason (not real) game, we have an accompanying preseason recap. Real recaps return when the games do.

The Preds get the win! Jon, Dan, Alex and I were in the house, watching from our own little press box where cheering is allowed (even encouraged), and here are the things we liked about the game:

The 5 Music City Gametime Heroes of the Game

An unofficial polling of the online media contingent sitting next to me in Section 119 Row C yielded the following results:

(Editor's Note: All ties in voting went to the guy who whined the most and is pushing the buttons here.)

  1. Filip Forsberg : I mean, this should be obvious. He scored the game's only goal and came real close on a couple others. A very promising start for the young fella.
  2. Olli Jokinen's Hair: I feel like we could copy+paste this here for the rest of the season. If you haven't seen it in person, do yourself a favor. Delightful.
  3. A 1-0 Game That Wasn't a Total Snooze Fest: Do we want more goals? Absolutely! But at least there was some activity. BTW, quote of the night was from Alex in Seat 3, sometime in the 3rd period: "30 shots on the board for the Preds? I didn't know it went that high". LOL out loud forever.
  4. Lavi Blowing Bubbles on the Bench: Confident, assertive, yet playful. We like it.
  5. Draft Beer That Fills From the Bottom: Some people like 'em and some people don't, but you can't argue with science and that's a fact.

The Preds are back in action for a doubleheader on Saturday. Looking for tickets? The Red Cross is holding a blood drive from 12p-8p, and donors that register online will get a ticket for both games and a extra special t-shirt (while supplies last). You can register right tickets, and you get to do something to help our community. It's a win-win!

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