Golden Games: Rinne's Spoiler vs. Fisher's Heroics

Round 2 continues with Pekka Rinne's spoiler effort in Chicago facing Mike Fisher's performance in Game 4 vs. San Jose.

The competition is starting to heat up. The choices are getting tougher and tougher.

Today we have the bottom match-up in the 2nd round of the Laviolette bracket. Results will be posted as the polls close. Here's a look at how it stands right now:

And now on to the match-up! Game links and a quick recap are posted for your convenience.

#3 Pekka Rinne (2/25/16 @ CHI)

  • 38 saves on 39 shots
  • Chicago led possession with an overall 56.8% Corsi-For, but Rinne held them to 1 goal.
  • Crashed Chicago's Ladd acquisition dance party
  • Game Recap
  • Sick save on Jonathan Toews:/

#2 Mike Fisher (5/5/16 vs. SJ, Game 4)

  • 2 goals (including the game-winner in triple overtime) on 5 shots
  • 53.5% Corsi-For in 37:33 TOI
  • Sparked the celebration that led to the GIF of the Year
  • Game Recap
  • Did I mention the game-winner in triple overtime?/


Voting ends Friday @ 3PM

Which player had the better single game performance?

#3 Pekka Rinne (2/25/16 @ CHI)10
#2 Mike Fisher (5/5/16 vs. SJ, Game 4)117