Golden Games: THE FINALS

It comes down to this. The two best performances from this past season face off against each other for all the marbles.

Here we go. The final match-up of Nashville Predators excellence from last year. We've seen a lot of incredible performances get eliminated in this summer tournament. Take a tour through the previous posts and look at the original bracket to see for yourself.

This leaves us with two performances that stand out above the rest:

Unsurprisingly, this final match-up features performances from two of the most memorable games in recent Preds history. While no one will soon forget Filip Forsberg's between-the-legs goal or Roman Josi dipsy-doodling around Erik Karlsson, these two games are the ultimate landmarks from the '15-'16 season.

But who to choose? Which performance was better? It's a tough choice, but it's one that has to be made.

#1 Pekka Rinne (4/27/16 @ ANA, Game 7)

  • Collected 36 saves on 37 shots; helped Preds get their first game 7 win
  • Held Ducks to one goal despite Ducks owning puck possession (63.1% Corsi-For)
  • Stopped 14 of 15 shots in the 3rd period
  • Game Recap
  • Video of Rinne standing tall in the biggest game of the year to that point:


#2 Mike Fisher (5/5/16 vs. SJ, Game 4)

  • 2 goals (including the game-winner in triple overtime) on 5 shots
  • 53.5% Corsi-For in 37:33 TOI
  • Sparked the celebration that led to the GIF of the Year
  • Game Recap
  • Video of the possibly the most exhilarating moment of the season:/


Voting ends Thursday @ 3PM

Which player had the better single game performance?

#1 Pekka Rinne (4/27/16 @ ANA, Game 7)192
#2 Mike Fisher (5/5/16 vs. SJ, Game 4)107