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Here's What Worked

Here's What Worked!

Here’s What Worked: Eight Straight

A reprisal of last year’s series is necessary to examine what’s worked over these last eight games.

Here’s What Worked: Rinne, WCFG5CW, and the Young Guns

The Predators called on the “next man” and he answered.

Here’s What Worked: Booms, Goalies, and Heels

The Preds pulled out a huge win last night. Here’s a look at how they did it.

Here’s What Worked: Shutting Out The Blackhawks

The Preds made a clear statement in the first two games of this series. They will need to make an even bigger one in the next two.

Here’s What Worked: Pekka Prime, Special Teams

The Preds have been playing well this week leading up to the final stretch run. Here’s why.

Here’s What Worked: A Fun Sunday In Columbus

Breaking down the Preds win over the Blue Jackets last night.

Here’s What Worked: Neal, Josi, and a worn out Blues team

Breaking down a 6-3 win over the Blues is not what I thought I would be doing today after the first 20 minutes last night.

Here’s What Worked: Division wins make us happy

The Preds are firmly back in contention in the Central Division after some dominant recent performances. Ryan Johansen, the Subban-Ekholm pairing, and Pekka Rinne are a few reasons why.

Here’s What Worked: 3-1 wins over Sens & Blues

The Predators collected a couple of 3-1 wins over the Senators and Blues this week. Here’s what they did well.

Here’s What Worked: Preds @ Avs

A glance at what worked for the Preds against the Avalanche on Tuesday night.