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Hockey Book Reviews

Orr's Story is Well Worth the Reading

Bobby Orr's new retrospective could almost serve as a manual for how traditional hockey players should conduct themselves.

Hockey Hall of Fame: Which Pred Will Be The 1st?

In light of the upcoming induction of former NHL stars Scott Niedermayer, Brendan Shanahan and Chris Chelios into the Hockey Hall of Fame, when we might see a Nashville Predator receive such an honor?

What the Game of Hockey is Really All About

I was reminded recently that hockey is much easier to write about than to play.

Hockey Books: What Are You Reading This Summer?

The dog days of August are a great time for hockey reading, since NHL training camps are still over a month away, and the bulk of Free Agency activity has already taken place.

New Jordin Tootoo book brings his story to kids

There are lessons along Jordin Tootoo's improbable road to the NHL for all of us, and a new book brings that story to kids.

"A Sporting Murder"

As rumors swirl of a potential NBA team coming to Nashville, a group of hardcore Predators fans launches an effort to investigate and discredit the group responsible. After a young man with inside information winds up dead, however, the stakes get raised in Chester Campbell's "A Sporting Murder", which goes on sale today. releases 2009 NHL Review

One of the most eagerly anticipated pieces of hockey analysis each year has just been released.