Inside the Rivalry: Dallas Stars

For some, it's not just Richard Clune that have a problem with the Kelly Green clad squad.

Full disclosure, I do not like most things or people from Texas...especially Dallas. This is simply my opinion here with no real reasoning other than a bitter taste to those that feel entitled (Cowboys and their fans). During the dawning of my predilection towards hockey, I cheered for the Bruins. Hasek was a modern day Hercules and Buffalo got robbed by the Dallas Stars and the NHL.

Foot in the crease.

There, it's been said again. And ever since then there has been a smugness that partying with Pantera (and putting a dent in the Stanley Cup around a Crown Royal-shaped pool) that crawls under my skin and makes me want to knock the blonde out of Brett Hull's hair.

Predators Record against Dallas Stars 2013-14: 2-2-1


The series between the Predators and Stars over the last five seasons have been very evenly matched. Dallas holds a slight edge with a 10-9-1 record. While looking up these numbers, it was surprising that the games have been so closely contested. From the eye test, it seemed that Dallas had the Predators number every time they played, especially if the game took place in American Airlines Arena.

The turn of events that happened on March 9th, 2007 is what has swayed this rivalry to the forefront in the new realignment but this will be covered further down in the article. Since then it has been a chippy affair between the Stars and Predators and with the resurgence of the Stars and their elite offensive talent. The Predators will have to push back even harder to gain the upper hand in the season to leapfrog this new rival and claim a playoff berth.

Most Hated Player:

This was a no-brainer: Mike Modano. Sure, he's a future Hall of Famer and the leading U.S. born point scorer, but his stick break over the back of Jordin Tootoo in 2007 still stings the Predator faithful to this day. It was unfortunate that the game this occurred was also the game where Modano took sole possession of the top spot for U.S. born players point totals (passing Predators assistant coach Phil Housley). Modano would always be a thorn in Nashville's side with either his aggressive play or his Shanahan-like production whenever facing the Predators.

Best Game from Last Season:

It may not be the best game from a Nashville fan perspective but the April 8th, 2014 contest was the best game no question. This was the pivotal game for the Predators of the year where if they won, they would dampen the Stars chances of getting in the playoffs and keep Nashville's hopes alive for the postseason. The Predators were flying around all game playing an offensive style not seen from Coach Trotz all year.

By getting let off the leash, the Predators were able to force 21 giveaways and keep the pressure on Dallas all game. Many times in the third period Nashville should have taken the lead, but it was not meant to be. The game went to a shootout where Nashville had been useless all year. Dallas won and sealed the Predators playoff fate that night, but no one can deny it was a great game aside from the outcome.

The Moment This Became a Rivalry:

As mentioned earlier back in 2007, the moment this became a rivalry happened right here:

Did Tootoo take a run at Modano? Probably. Should Robidas have tried to ninja up to Tootoo? Probably not. Did Tootoo kinda sucker punch Robidas while wearing his glove? Yes. Did Modano break his stick over Tootoo's back? Yup. Ever since then, I very much enjoy watching the Stars get crumpled like a parking ticket. And for the record, the only team that can pull off Kelly Green is University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux whatever they are going to be called.

Agree or disagree, the Dallas Stars are going to be the sexy pick to go farther in the playoffs this year but as history, or the last five seasons have shown us, it will be another scrappy match with the Predators. And of course, we still have Dicky Clune to throw insults at the state so big they tried to be a country.