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It’s Christmas, OTF!

From all of us here, have a great holiday weekend. If you want to talk about hockey here, that’s fine. If you want to talk about Christmas, the awesome NBA games, whatever, that’s fine too.

Thank you for frequenting our site. We do appreciate you, and we do work hard to bring our market the coverage this team and its fans deserve.

Enjoy your holiday, drop us a comment. Heck, where are you people from? Where are you currently (home, visiting, city & state or country) ?

And while we’re at it, what was your favorite hockey related gift you received? Mine: NHL ’94. It made me love Alexander Mogilny. He was too fast to be caught by Larry Murphy.

We’re lucky enough to be able to cover this team with a bunch of our friends. On behalf of Jason, Anish, Alex, Caroline, Jeremy, Marya, Nick, Zeke, George, Kris, Chris, Dirk, Jon (JAWWNNN) and all the friends we’ve picked up along the way…. here’s to another year being #PredatorHard.

Merry Christmas.

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