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Chris Link's Ruminations

The Types Of Losers: Hockey Fan Edition

LinkSpeak: Halloween Fun and True Horrors

Like most holidays in the U.S., Halloween can be surprisingly tricky to navigate. Let’s take a look at some the Nashville Predators real winners and losers for Halloween 2016.

LinkSpeak: 2016 Stanley Cup Preview

Link's Stanley Cup preview analysis that is totally not presented, sponsored, or affiliated with Subway. Link breaks down all eight series in detail.

DCPR: Served in the French Manner Edition

French fries offer the perfect scale for ranking and rating NHL team in the Central Division. Dallas continues to lead the rankings while Nashville and Winnipeg continue to fall down to the Central basement.

Why Stamkos Will Come to Nashville

10 reasons Steven Stamkos will sign with the Nashville Predators instead of soft pretzel pushing Philadelphia

CDPR: Donut Do This To Me

The Central Division rated based on tasty, tasty donuts.

LinkSpeak: The Legend of Little Bear

Juuse "Little Bear" Saros is a legend in the making, even if no one knows it yet. This is the story of how he came to be....

Shakespeare in the Net: The Predators Score Goals

In honor of the Nashville Predators managing to stay out of one of the NHL's least attractive record books, I have composed a humble sonnet. I've chosen to present the sonnet in the traditional Shakespearean style, primarily due to how much easier it is to construct such a poem.

LinkSpeak: Being a Real Hockey Fan

Today we’ll be addressing why being a hockey fan is a terrible idea and makes no sense unless you’re a well adjusted person

LinkSpeak: Central Division Power Ratings

I don't like power rankings. I generally try to avoid power rankings at all costs. Despite my aversion there is something appealing about comparing NHL teams on a regular basis and pretending that it means is something in the grand scheme of things.

Please Put Another Record On

The 2015-2016 season has already been recording breaking in many surprising ways. Today, we explore several records the Nashville Predators have already contributed.