LinkSpeak: Shakespeare in the Net

In honor of the Nashville Predators managing to stay out of one of the NHL's least attractive record books, I have composed a humble sonnet. I've chosen to present the sonnet in the traditional Shakespearean style, primarily due to how much easier it is to construct such a poem.

The Rise and Fall of Statistical Prowess

Shots fired far and wide off frozen sticks,

Charts tower link mountains kiss by gold,

Expected goals in need of no big fix,

All the right parts for a team young and gold,

Yet goals grow like emeralds from the earth,

Translucent ideals built from perfect glass,

Twisting off blades but never finding berth,

A journey driving Preds from first to last,

Do we then grit our teeth, still watch on,

Knowing dams built of numbers will always break,

Maybe fans will soon hear their own song,

No longer in dreams from which we all will wake,

Then on a cold night in fair Buffalo

The Predators struck with three perfect goals.

Happy Holiday weekend.