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Local radio station tried to screw Predators fans over, got caught

WPRT-FM, Nashville’s flagship station for the Nashville Predators, came up with a real mean idea.

The Predators offer cheap tickets to its fans on gamedays. This is something plenty of teams do, and it’s essentially the Fair Housing Act for tickets. They’re usually much cheaper, and they’re the unsold seats and singles left over. It fills the building, it makes someone happy, everyone wins.

But for game four, the Preds did something different: they sold them to the local radio station. That’s a bit on the iffy side, sure. But according to this tweet, they had good intentions.

Giving away seats? That’s cool. But here’s what you get when you click the link:

Not cool. They’re selling them.

Even worse. Cash only? In Williamson County? C’mon man.

Having worked in Cool Springs, and in that exact area for years… asking people to go to that corner during lunch time is a sick joke to begin with.

BUT COME ON… forcing patrons to buy tickets from the station instead of the ticket office on the station’s terms is a bad look on the station. “Hey, instead of getting these on gameday where you usually get them… come on down to this live remote by a crowded intersection and hang out a bar for 2 hours to see if you win these tickets that you have to buy. And please give us your email address.”

It’s awkward enough that the Preds sold the tickets to the station, which we don’t know if that deal was struck after the game two loss or not. The team deleted the tweet, but the link to the 102.5 page is still live as of right now: http://www.thegamenashville.com/game-4-tickets/.

UPDATE: as of 3:30, the tickets will now be given away at Drake’s instead. The site is updated with this information.

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