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Is Mike Fisher considering retirement in 2015?

Is Mike Fisher thinking about hanging up his skates soon? In an article earlier today from the Ottawa Sun’s Don Brennan, the Nashville Predators’ center raises just that possibility:

“I still have a year left on my deal here and, after that, probably next year will be a deciding factor on how my body feels and where Carrie and I are at.

“Obviously there’s always the green light from her, but it’s going to be a decision then. I really don’t know at this point.”

Shortly after the 2014-15 Fisher will turn the odometer over to 35 years of age, and could presumably play quality NHL hockey for a while longer, but his physically aggressive style of play does lead to a steady stream of bumps, bruises and strains that add up over time (recall the upper body issue the Preds knew about when they traded for him in 2011, and how he played with it for the duration of that season). Barry Trotz lauded Fisher’s ability to play through one injury after another. Again, quoting the Brennan piece:

“Mike plays hurt, plays when other guys wouldn’t even think about playing,” added Trotz. “You’ll go, Mike, how do you feel? And you know he’s really in a lot of pain and all that, and he goes ‘I’m fine, why?’ That’s all I get. ‘I’m fine, why? I can go.’ Are you 50%, 60%? ‘No, I’m good, I’m good to go.”

Mike Fisher

#12 / Center / Nashville Predators



Jun 05, 1980

2013 – Mike Fisher 38 11 12 23 -4 36 2 0 1 95 11.6

Fisher has talked openly about wanting to start a family (such as in the 2012 interview he & Carrie Underwood did with Oprah Winfrey), so perhaps in 2015 he’ll decide to trade in his hockey bag for a diaper bag?

Just be warned, Fish – if you thought a pair of old hockey gloves smelled bad, just wait until that Diaper Genie fills up…

UPDATE: For more, check out this interview Fish did on Ottawa radio the other day. Just click here and look for “Mike Fisher – January 10, 2014”. Thanks to @WindmillsMusic for the tip.

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