Monday’s Dump & Chase: Announcement Coming?

Norris Trophy finalists should be named soon.

Quick Shifts: How Tortorella is preparing for Keefe’s Leafs

People forget how banged up the Blue Jackets were all season. Fully healthy, they’re at least eight points better as a team. Don’t be surprised when they “shock” the hockey world again.

‘Some wild hockey’: NHLers say fans can expect some entertaining summer games

I expect the games to skew high-scoring. Goalies are going to need a new rhythm with the condensed schedule. Additionally—and this is pure speculation not backed by any actual evidence, but—I suspect that the break and not being able to see shots for so long is going to affect goalies more than skaters.

Only the Beginning: Ivy League’s Fall Shutdown Has Implications Across College Hockey

The shutdown of Ivy League sports until Jan. 1, and its implications for college hockey, are just the first of many shoes to drop in the coming weeks and months.

Chicago signs Wisconsin defender, captain Kalynuk, who forgoes senior year, to two-year deal

Wisconsin, I just don’t understand you. You bring in Granato, formerly of the NDTP, to get these incredible recruiting classes. But you just can’t get the job done, finish last in the Big Ten with Cole Caufield, Dylan Holloway, and K’andre Miller, and then start losing your older members. If you want to be a one-and-done program, or start building in that manner, maybe you should, you know, win some games?